Discover the Norwegian Fjords from the water during this week-long active adventure.

The Kayak Trip

The Norwegian Fjords are a central part of the untouched, raw Norwegian nature. You will be paddling on the deepest fjord of Norway, the by UNESCO World Heritage protected Sognefjord. Centuries ago this was the area were the Vikings’ headquarters were located from which they terrorised the rest of Europe.

During The Kayak Trip you will paddle a six-day trail of approximately 120 kilometres in a professional sea kayak. On the first day we’ll teach you the real techniques of sea kayaking, both in theory and in practice. This training will enable you to make it through the six-day trail and survive the waters.

All kayaks feature waterproof storage space where you can store the camping gear you will use all week.

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Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Open water is the highway to adventure Join The Kayak Trip 2022

The Route

The Kayak Trip route kicks off at the Basecamp and makes a loop. You'll get a roadmap and briefing from our guide, showing you the most beautiful spots near the water. The basecamp is located at the side of the fjord in a small bay, so you’ll master the technique before you come across some actual wave action.

You will cover approximately 120 km. The itinerary can also be modified according to the weather forecast.

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The Week Schedule

During the Kayak Trip you won't notice time passing by, but you'll live at the pace of Mother Nature.

Wild Camping

You camp there where you have arrived at the end of the day. Norway acknowledges wild camping as a basic right – as long as you keep to some rules, of course. Every day in the early evening, the guide will take you to the perfect camp spot that is located nearby.

Those who want to take the task to navigate upon themselves can do this, our guide will always be with the group to give some indications there where it is necessary. After peddling for six days, you should arrive back at the basecamp. If you get delayed throughout the week, don’t worry, the last day is planned as a day to paddle out or catch up on some lost hours during the week. Our bus back to the airport of Bergen will leave early in the morning on the eighth day.

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Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip

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The Kayak Trip 2021

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We will organise The Kayak Trip eight times in 2021, there is a maximum of 25 persons per week:
  • Week 0 Sat 3 July - Sat 10 July - sold out
  • week 1 Sat 10 July - Sat 17 July - sold out
  • Week 2 Sat 17 July - Sat 24 July - sold out
  • Week 3 Sat 24 July - Sat 31 July - sold out
  • Week 4 Sat 31 July - Sat 7 August - sold out
  • Week 5 Sat 7 August - Sat 14 August - sold out
  • Week 6 Sat 14 August - Sat 21 August - sold out
  • Week 7 Sat 21 August - Sat 28 August - sold out
  • Week 8 Sat 28 August - Sat 4 September - last stock


The price for The Kayak Trip comes down to €540 per person, which includes:

  • Rental of kayak for 6 days, incl. paddles, life jacket.
  • The KayakTrip Trail map & Survival Guide
  • Kayak instructions & guidance through the week.
  • GPS-tracker with emergency button.

Flights included: starting from €780 per person.


Every week ther will be a flight from Belgium (Brussels Airport Zaventem) & The Netherlands (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) to Norway ( Bergen Airport).

Departure and arrival day 1:

Departure Brussels Airport Zaventem: 07h05 on Saturday
Departure Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 09h00 on Saturday
Arrival in Bergen Airport: 10h35 on Saturday

Departure and arrival day 8:

Departure in Bergen Airport: 11h20 on Saturday
Arrival in Brussel Airport Zaventem: 14h35 on Saturday
Arrival in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 13h05 on Saturday

In Bergen there will be a bus that will pick up all participants and drive them to basecamp. At the end of the week, there will also be a bus leaving for Bergen Airport early in the morning.

For those that rather come by own means: this is possible without any problem. You can choose to get on the bus together with the other participants in Bergen or you come directly to our basecamp.

Why join The Kayak Trip?

Norway isn't an easy country to explore on your own if you have never been there or doesn't have tons of experience. Our guides thought out an amazing trail that everybody with a good basic condition should be able to finish without any problems. On top of that you get this:

  • Stay the night at special spots in nature
  • A balanced trail
  • An affordable price
  • A complete logistic organisation (local transport, trailbooks, camping spots, English/Dutch/French speaking guide, optional Foodpack, kayak,...)


  • Optional: Flights, round trip Brussels or Amsterdam to Bergen: €240 per person (excl. hold luggage)
  • Optional: Rent camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and liner): €65 per person
  • Optional: The Kayak Trip Survival Foodpack: €95 per person.
  • Travel insurance: €39 per person.
  • Cancellation insurance: €49 per person.
  • Hold luggage: €49 p.p.


In Norway, they have good control of the Corona pandemic and we are assuming that by the summer of 2021 there won't be many travel restrictions anymore. In the case there cannot be travelled, we have following insurance for you:

Book without any concerns thanks to our cancellation insurance

Thanks to the cancellation insurance you are able to cancel your trip up until a month before departure without having to give a reason.

Within the last month before departure you'll still be able to cancel, but only with a valid reason as described in our cancellationpolicy.
You'll sleep in your own tent for the whole week. We will provide the unique camping spots (7x). At the start and the end of the week there will be sanitary facilities available. But once you are on the water, you will often have to do it without any showers of toilets when you are in "The Middle of Nowhere".

Everyone receives a compact cooking set which will allow you to cook some simple meals. We also propose a survival food pack: a bunch of super-compact, nutritious meals that are easy (and fast) to prepare.

You cannot drink water you are on (saltwater) so you have to pick up water at the intended water points; these are located alongside the route. Upon departure, you’ll receive a large drinking bottle.

  • 7 camping nights from which 2 are at a camping and 5 near the water at the Sognefjord.
  • All local transports by bus
  • Guidance by our own guides
  • GPS-Tracking system in case of emergencies.
  • Trailbook The Kayak Trip
  • Optional: Flights (roundtrip) from and to Bergen
You can choose to bring your own camping gear or you can rent The Kayak Trip Camping Gear (€65/person). If you bring your own material, be sure to bring good gear (3-seasons tent + compact sleeping mat + sleeping bag).

You will spend six days on the water, without electricity or technology. This is a fantastic experience but it doesn’t come without any risk. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry, we advise everyone to bring an old-school mobile phone(one whose battery doesn’t die every few hours) or a waterproof case and a powerbankfor your smartphone. Every duo will also receive a GPS tracker with an alarm button.

Our guide will be present with the group at all times, but thanks to the trackers we will be able to track every one of the group 24/7.

Bring good hiking boots with you, you need to feel comfortable to walk a long hike with them.

Prepare yourself for quickly changing weather. Bring protective rain gear and some warm clothes. Especially in the evening it gets colder pretty quick.

Own tent if you don't rent the camping gear

If you choose not to rent our camping gear make sure to bring your own tent (at least a 3-seasons tent), sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

Norway Trail camping gear

If you chose for the option NorwayTrail Camping Gear you will get a tent, sleeping mat, and a sleeping bag at the start of the route. The gear is made out of the most weatherproof materials.

A more extensive list of what to bring will be provided a sufficient long time before your departure to Norway!

We strongly recommend the Foodpack. It will exist of a variation of good meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) The foodpack also includes a cooking set (cooking pot, gas stove, gas bottle and cutlery). We have a standard and a vegetarian variation.
1 piece of carry-on luggage (max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm) and 1 accessory, (eg, a pure or laptop)(max. 40 x 30 x 15 cm) with a total max weight of 12kg are included in the base price of the flight.

You can book a piece of hold luggage: L + W + H max. 158 cm and max. 23 kg for the departing as well as for the returning flight for the total of €50.

Join The Trip

We are currently working on a new formula for our trip to Norway, including Kayaking through the fjords & other activities! The updated trip will be launched in December, but you can already preregister to stay up to date.