Discover the Norwegian Fjords from the water during this week-long sportive adventure.

The Kayak Trip

Bohuslän is the collective name for the thousands of mini islands that are spread across the West-Swedish coastline. Centuries ago these were these islands were the Vikings’ headquarters from which they terrorised the rest of Europe.

During The Kayak Trip you will independently paddle a five-day trail of approximately 100 kilometres in a professional sea kayak. On the first day we’ll teach you the real techniques of sea kayaking, both in theory and in practice. This training will enable you to independently make it through the five-day trail and survive the waters.

All kayaks feature waterproof storage space where you can store the camping gear you will use all week.

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Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
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The Route

The Kayak Trip Trail makes a loop and kicks off at the Basecamp. There are plenty of opportunities to take a shortcut or paddle down an additional loop. The basecamp is located slightly inland so you’ll master the technique before you come across some actual wave action.

The proposed trail is 90 kilometres long. You can opt to reduce this down to 60 kilometres if you take some shortcuts, or you can make some additional loops and rake up to 140+ kilometres. The itinerary can be modified according to the weather forecast.

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Wild Camping

You can camp anywhere you like. Sweden acknowledges wild camping as a basic right – as long as you keep to some rules, of course. You get to choose your own private island each day and spend the night on said island.

We will also provide you with a map that features the most ideal camping spots. After peddling for six days, you should arrive back at the basecamp. If you get delayed throughout the week, don’t worry, you can undertake this route in seven days as well. Our bus home only leaves in the evening on the seventh day.

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Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip
Picture of the Kayak Trip

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How to get there?

There is no easy public transport to get to Bohuslän. To make things easy for you, we charter Royal Class buses from Belgium (Brussels) and the Netherlands (Utrecht).

Our basecamp is located in the bay of Grundsund, somewhere in between Grundsund and Uddevalla.

What are we going to eat?

Everyone receives a compact cooking set which will allow you to cook some simple meals. We also propose a survival food pack: a bunch of super compact, nutritious meals that are easy (and fast) to prepare.

You cannot drink water you are on (salt water) so you have to pick up water at the intended water points; these are located alongside the route. Upon departure you’ll receive a large drinking bottle.

What about the planning ?


Arrival at our basecamp in Bohüslan, welcome ceremony & theoretical instructions in regard to kayaking.


Kayak classes. Those that can’t wait to get started are free to leave after the tutorial, otherwise you can stay one more night at our basecamp.

Monday – Friday

Five-day kayak trail in a loop of (approximately) 100 kilometres, that you paddle at your own pace. There are expansion possibilities for the sport junkies and some shortcuts for those who prefer a more chill approach. You’ll arrive back at the basecamp on Friday evening.

Take note: Because we are at sea, you must take the weather conditions and their changing nature into account. Too much wave action and/or wind can lead to a temporary delay of your kayaking. During the Kayak Trip you do not pay attention to time too much, you live in accordance with Mother Nature’s pace.


Dry-out day: opportunity to visit a few towns by public transport. In the evening: take the bus home.

What with Corona?

Those who take the Royal Class buss leave Utrecht/Brussels on Friday evening and will arrive at our basecamp the next day (Saturday afternoon).

  • Departure from Brussels: Friday afternoon 12h00
  • Departure from Lille: Friday afternoon 10h00
  • Departure from Utrecht: Friday afternoon 15h00

Leaving basecamp to go home takes place on Saturday evening, arrival in Utrecht, Brussels or Lille is planned between 14h00 and 18h00 (depending on traffic).

Food option?

Upon departure, each group receives a cookery set that will allow you to make your own dinners.

You can opt to bring your own food for the entire week, or you can opt in for the official Kayak Trip Survival Foodpack at a rate of € 95 per person. Our basecamp is located near a small supermarket where you can buy some last-minute food as well.


You will spend six days at sea by yourself, without electricity or technology. This is a fantastic experience but it doesn’t come without any risk. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry, we advise everyone to bring an old-school mobile phone, one whose battery doesn’t day every few hours (so please, no smartphone) and which you turn on every now and then to get weather updates via SMS. Every duo will also receive a GPS tracker with an alarm button.

We keep an eye on the location of our kayaks 24/7.

What to bring?

If this is your first time in a kayak, you will undoubtedly have a lot of questions. We will send you a checklist a couple of weeks prior to our departure, but to get you started:

  • Tent, sleeping bag & sleeping mat
  • An old-school mobile phone with a long-lasting battery
  • Sun cream and some kind of hat
  • Torch
  • Lighters, matches
  • Plastic bags to store your luggage in during the boat ride

It is important that you don’t bring too much luggage, as it all needs to fit into your kayak! An ideal target is 20 liters per person.


We will organise The Kayak Trip six times in 2020
  • Week #1 Sat 11 July - Sat 18 July
  • Week #2 Sat 18 July - Sat 25 July
  • Week #3 Sat 25 July - Sat 1 August
  • Week #4 Sat 1 August - Sat 8 August
  • Week #5 Sat 8 August - Sat 15 August
  • Week #6 Sat 15 August - Sat 22 August


The price for The Kayak Trip comes down to 560 € per person, which includes:

  • Rental of kayak for 6 days, incl. paddles, life jacket. Possibility to rent a kayak for 1 or 2 people.
  • Bus ride Royal Class (return) from Utrecht or Brussels
  • Rental of cooking set
  • The KayakTrip Trail map & Survival Guide
  • Kayak instructions & rescue training on the first day

Those who do not take the bus pay € 110 less.

Optional: The Kayak Trip Survival Food pack: €95 per person.
Optional: Travel & cancellation insurance: € 59 per person.

Guarantee: Since the material we lend to you (the tracker, kayak, cooking set, etc.) has a certain price, we ask for a deposit of € 200 per kayak. If you return everything as you received it, the deposit will be refunded within two weeks after the trip.

About us

The Kayak Trip is a concept by Travelbase. You can reach us by emailing


Is The Kayak Trip for me?

The Kayak Trip stays a pretty sporty trip, which requires a good physical condition. If you rather have a relax time on the water The Canoe Trip might be what you are looking for. .

What is included in the Survival Food Pack?

We’ll send you the elaborated list a couple of weeks prior to your departure. If you want, you can also bring your own food from home.

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